Useful Links


www.theturkishlife.comThe Turkish Life
An excellent blog by an American lady, Jennifer Hattam, a freelance journalist from San Fransisco, who has been residing in Istanbul since 2008. I liked her coverage of the Gezi protests last year and her translation and explanation of Turkish vocabulary used in everyday life and not necessarily found in dictionaries.

www.insideoutinistanbul.comInside out in Istanbul

Inside Out in Istanbul is a blog by Lisa Morrow, a sociologist and writer from Australia, who first came to Turkey in 1990, and lived for ten years in Istanbul before moving to Lisbon, Portugal in 2017. Her monthly blogs started on September 2013, but there are many referrals to her experiences and photographs taken since 1990. Lisa continues to travel to Istanbul regularly. Lisa’s blogs are fascinating to read and provide intriguing insights into the social habits of Turks, and the rich culture and history to be found in Istanbul.